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  • Bachelor of Chinese language and literature, central China normal university. High school teaching for many years, has rich experience in the education teaching, with its full education feelings sending group after group of high school students to their ideal university, are well received by the students and parents welcome and social.Personal characteristics: serious and lively, with The Times.Education maxim: you give me a student, I return you a talent
  • Graduated from Anhui Normal University, bachelor of geography science. In geography education for many years, rich in high school geography teaching experience, maintain the childlike curiosity, and students like to explore the natural mysteries, and guide students to explore geography.Personal characteristics: Read books, Wan Li Road, love geography, love to travel  Education motto: heaven and earth Jingwei everything known, natural and cultural science and communication
  • Graduated from nanchang university, master of science. Has nearly 20 years of teaching experience, in all kinds of magazine published many articles about the education teaching, to create "a hierarchical mind map" the university entrance exam biological strategies for total review of futian district teaching and research section of recognition and students's consistent high praise.Personal characteristics: leisure crane, carefree self.Education aphorism: education is a kind of psychological communication that only enters the student's mind to stimulate its infinite potential.
  • Graduated from tianjin academy of fine arts, master of fine arts. Successively engaged in college entrance examination fine arts, art exam training and the public primary and secondary school art teaching, lets the student can receive the professional integrity of art education, understand the rules of the development of the art and the different aesthetic culture, solid art skills training, and can well appreciate art, to feel the charm.Personal characteristics: willing to listen, good at reflection, love communicationEducation motto: rich in colorful life, rich and colorful art
  • Graduated from Guangxi Normal University, Master of Science. Has been engaged in secondary school chemistry education, good at communicating with students, grasp the pulse of the students heart. Strong professional knowledge, rigorous teaching, with a high degree of dedication and responsibility.Personal characteristics: cheerful personality, optimistic and confident. Have good interpersonal communication, communication and adaptability.Education motto: learn as a teacher, body is a fan.
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