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  • National Basic Education Experimental Center Foreign Language Education Research Center researcher, Shenzhen City Education Supervision Professional Committee, South China Normal University graduate students, senior high school English teachers. He has served as Vice President of Shenzhen Huafu Middle School, President of Xinzhou Middle School, President of Whampoa School and president of Colliers School. It has rich experience in teaching and managing schools. As the Shenzhen City, the first public examination selected to study abroad school principals, to participate in the Shenzhen Municipal Organization Department of the sixth leading cadres to study abroad classes, went to the University of California (UCLA) Education and Information Science Research Institute to visit for one year.
  • Senior principle, children literature writer, executive principle. Master of education management at Beijing normal university, worked at Beijing Jianghua school, Nanyang international school and Yitian garden school in Shenzhen .Worked as teaching director, international director, and principle with plenty of management experience and creative, innovative ability. Profound cognition and understanding to education, still believe that education is a belief.
  • international and mathematical educational expert  ,GCDF, teaching principle Mathematics course and education professional graduate student from East China Normal University, The gold medal coach in the mathematics competition of Waterloo, Canada. Thous
  • Education graduate student in British, always visiting British, The British consulate is certified as an overseas promotion expert. Chief cooperation representative in Chelsea middle school ,the representative  University of British Russell group in China, the representative in American ivy league education foundation and Official cooperation representative of the university of California, Northeastern University ,University of Massachusetts in China. With Senior international experience on teaching and education.
  • administrative operational expert, entrepreneur, administrative principal.Graduated from zhengzhou university ,international trade major, with 15 years experience in operational management, worked in several companies and took responsibility for the administrative affairs,  for a  sustainable development of the team by using different operational model and also for the operational management of school,he  has his own unique understanding .
  • He is a vice President of the Chinese academy of calligraphy and painting, vice President of the Chinese academy of painting in America, and an academician of Royal calligraphy and painting in Shanxi.The author of Guangdong practical watercolor technique, Chinese contemporary famous young oil painter, more than 70 kinds of art books, newspapers and magazines were collected in his works. his works won many international and domestic awards, and they are collected by many art galleries, museums, domestic and overseas art institutions and private.
  • College degree, eight years of bowling, four years of golf teaching, final score: 72 pole . More than 3 years of teaching experience in youth, familiar with golf teaching method, familiar with physical training and skill training. Advantages of golf: cleek.
  • Master's degree, graduated from the Shanghai university of sports, national secondary referees of track and field, national secondary referee of WuShu, national referee of taekwondo, since 2007, as a sports coach and martial arts coach for many years, rich experience of sports in teaching, training, management and studying, won lots of awards in WuShu.
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