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  • Master's degree, graduated from the Shanghai university of sports, national secondary referees of track and field, national secondary referee of WuShu, national referee of taekwondo, since 2007, as a sports coach and martial arts coach for many years, rich experience of sports in teaching, training, management and studying, won lots of awards in WuShu.
  • Professor YiDing is a famous singer and educator in Guangdong Province was followed by WenJuan Qi , and also once directed by some senior professors who are working at China Conservatory of Music ,XingHai Conservatory of Music ,vocal music competition awards were won on her study way, and successfully held two personal solo concert, she is good at combining Chinese and western teaching methods for different students .
  • Graduated from macau university of science and technology, master of international Chinese education. I have been engaged in English education in Beijing normal high school, mainly studying English language teaching methods, English phonetic teaching, language learning and culture, etc. I went to Korea and Thailand for international Chinese education.Personal characteristics: cheerful and easy-going, positive, simple and simple.The motto of Education: Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire. Education is not filling a pail, but lighting a fire!
  • He graduated from Shandong University, a master in Linguistics and applied linguistics. He was an international Chinese teacher at Shandong University and Confucius Institute of Chung Nan University in South Korea. He loved the educational career and was responsible for teaching work. He had affinity and appeal, caring for students and willing to give.Personal characteristics: good at learning, patient and meticulousEducation motto: when everything that is learned at school is forgotten, it is education that is left down.
  • Graduated from Beijing sports university, sports education bachelor degree. Successively engaged in personal trainer and middle school physical education teachers, created a lot of sports feelings, let more people involved in sports activities, learned a lot of sports and feel the fun of sports.Personal characteristics: simple and simple, good at observation, attention to detailEducation maxim: interest is the starting point, action is the measure, happiness is the purpose
  • Graduated from Harbin normal university, bachelor of physics education. Obtained senior teacher qualification certificate, had been a senior high school physics education teaching for eight years. After years of teaching, I have laid a solid foundation of physics and have a deep understanding and understanding of physics teaching.Personal characteristics: good at communicating with students, love students, love educationDon't look for excuses to fail. You can only find reasons to succeed
  • Graduated from Sun Yat-sen University, Master of Electronics and Communication Engineering. Good at stimulating students interest in learning, training students teamwork ability, class and extracurricular combination, the study into life, let the students become the master of learning.Personal characteristics: warm and cheerful, good at communication, careful patienceEducation motto: Education is rooted in love with passionate infection of students, the love into education.
  • He graduated from Jiamusi University in Heilongjiang Province, majoring in ideological and political education and bachelor degree in Chinese language and literature (double degree). From teaching 12 years, has a wealth of experience in the third year of high school, once Chibi City Arts comprehensive backbone teachers, good at guiding students to learn.Personal characteristics: detailed and detailed teaching, professional solid foundationEducation Motto: Let students learn happy, happy to learn!
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